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Tricks to Ensure That You Look Flawless In Your Photos

Getting ready for formal parties or social gatherings isn't just about the dress and hair — your makeup is one of the main factors to achieving your fancy look. Applying makeup for a function is like applying everyday makeup, as you have to be camera ready for long hours. So, below are a few steps you have got to follow to achieve a perfect makeup look.

Prep your skin

The basis of every look is great skin. Exfoliate with either a gently abrasive scrub or a non-abrasive liquid the night before your big event and generously add your favoritemoisturizer. This will leave a plump and refreshed look on your skin. Apply moisturizer on the day of your event only if your skin is dry.

Start with primer

Be sure to start with a primer to build the rest of your look for a smooth starting point.

Refine your complexion

Select a perfect foundation for your skin style and made it for photography like wet n wild photo focus foundation. Any varieties with built-in sunscreen are best avoided since they do not play nice with flash lighting and can appear mask-like in pictures.

Set your foundation

Protect your foundation by using a light powder environment. If you want a matte look, choose one with a transparent finish or a luminous finish if you want to see a little more of a glow.


A lot of the structural definition can be washed away from your face by flash lighting, so a little highlighting with bronzer or contouring powder can help keep you looking well-defined. It's essential that you use a matte finish, as the matte recedes and adds depth. Some of the bronzer below your cheekbones, around your temples, and under the jawline is used with medium-sized brush dust.


When you've done contouring, add some lightness on the top of your cheekbones and your cupid's bow by adding a highlighter.

Reinforce your brows

In photos, brows bring out the bone structure, so gently draw them in with a little pencil. They tend to disappear, especially the tails, in images.

Upgrade to liquid liner

A liquid can describe your eyes better for pictures, even though you usually use a pencil, and can still look natural; draw a thin line that is extra close to your lashes.

Brighten up the blush

Try to go a little lighter. Just make sure you blend around the edges and pick a blush with shimmer but not apparent sparkles. When the flash hits your face, it'll make you look radiant.

Pick a lipstick that lasts.

Choose your lipstick carefully when it comes to significant events. Nudes and pinks fit well at weddings because they will compliment everything you wear and will not smudge visibly in all the chatting and drinking.

Relax and feel amazing

Know that a smile would make your face happier and is much better than any mascara or lipstick.

More than applying the products correctly, getting the right products that suit your skin is significant. These days, all makeup products of all brands are available online. Click here to get the best products at

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