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The Right Order to Apply Makeup Products to Achieve a Great Look

The power of makeup is undeniable; our favourite items help us build the looks of beauty we love, enhance our favourite features, and encapsulate our beauty. The best makeup routines empower the modern woman, no matter what the day has in store, to increase her confidence and face the world head-on. The skilful application can make all the difference when it comes to makeup. The correct way to apply your favourite cosmetics will do two things: help you achieve the look you like and help you get the most out of your makeup.

With this vital beauty routine, learn how to apply your makeup. These suggestions will help you build a flawless look you can be proud of, from applying makeup revolution highlighter to using a gel eyeliner.

But before beginning to apply any product on your skin, it is essential to moisturize the skin with face mists, serum or creams based on your skin type.

Primer and colour corrector

It is optional to use a primer and colour corrector, but it should be performed immediately after your skincare routine if you wish to use anyone or both. This will smooth the skin and even out and make the product stay put longer.


The foundation serves as a base on which to create the other makeup. Look for a formula that will boost the type and tone of your skin, which will help set up your other makeup items properly. If you have an even skin, you can totally skip this step and rub a few dots of concealer on your trouble spots.


Always, after putting on foundation use concealer to avoid using more product than required and to stop the skin from looking like cakey. On the spots, you require more coverage (under your eyes, over blemishes, etc.), dab a bit of LA Pro Concealer, and then soften the edges with a Blender Brush.

Blush, Highlighter, & Bronzer

Add a bit of colour to your cheeks with blush to give your skin a finishing touch, get your glow on with a shimmering highlighter, and try your hand with Bronzer to contour.

Eyeshadow, Mascara & Eyeliner

When you try to nail winged liner, coated eyelashes may get in the way, so swipe on your mascara after your eyeshadow and eyeliner are done.


To fit your whole look, the intensity of your eyebrows should complement the rest of your makeup, so form and fill your arches with a Brow Pencil.


Because it can be easily reapplied as the day wears on, it's always an excellent final step in your makeup routine to apply your lip colour, whether you're either dabbing on some tinted gloss or doing a full look with a lip liner and lipstick.

Translucent powder or Setting spray

You can use both or neither or just one of them, but these two are designed to help the makeup last longer and look better as the day goes on.

To get a perfect makeup look that lasts longer, it is essential to follow these steps. Also, apart from this, getting the right product in the correct shade is also a challenging task that helps achieve a perfect look.

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