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Six Eyeshadow and Lipstick Colour Combos You Can Wear Together to Pep Up Your Look

Over time we have all learned that certain things belong together. Looking deep into the makeup bags and figuring out all the things we can pair together really helps us discover various ways of using the products we currently own, as well as inspiring us to try new ones. The most potent makeup duo that complete a makeup look is lipstick and eyeshadow. These two products are most frequently worn together, and it can be endless fun to experiment with eyeshadow and lipstick combos, especially if you're in the mood to be creative.

Smoky Grey and Deep Berry

A decadent duo, a deep smoky grey shadow and berry lipstick are always a win. Whether you want a shimmery berry look, or a bold matte look, you get from LA color matte lipstick; either one will work with the grey colour. To decipher which one is your favourite, experiment with both matte and shimmering finishes and even throw a little liquid eyeliner on it to jazz it up.

Lilac and the bright Orange

A lilac or even violet eyeshadow paired with a hot-orange lipstick provides a beautiful contrast of colour, and it is very flattering on any skin tone. The orange lip colour’s bold punch doesn't compete with the eyeshadow, and to create something chic and playful, both colours come together.

Shimmery Silver and Fuschia

With an icy silver shadow and a bright fuchsia lip, you feel good wearing all the shimmers. No matter the season, these two colours can be worn all year round, which is excellent news for anyone who often does not want to change their look. In both matte and glossy formulas, Fuschia lipstick looks great, so you can try both finishes depending on your mood and see which one you prefer to wear more often.

Chocolate Brown and Pinky-Nude

This duo works for everyone. The brown shadow can be as simple as you like, all you need to do is mix a light colour wash over the lids, and you can increase the colour by applying more if you want to intensify this. Pinky-nude lipstick is a staple shade found in almost every makeup bag, and you should want to test it out with some other colours too.

Emerald and Peachy Nude

This is a dynamite colour duo that continues to give us all the reasons to wear it, from emerald tones to deep, hunter green. Either one will work with the lipstick colour, whether you choose matt or shimmery shadows. The options are endless, and with all the different outcomes, you'll have so much fun.

Bronze and True Red

If there is any combo of eyeshadow to make the eyes appear brighter and the teeth whiter, it's this one. The bronze eyeshadow brightens the whites of the eyes and gives them an extra sparkle by bringing out eye colour. The red lipstick is a sure-fire way to make your pout and smile brighter.

Apart from these shades, you can also try out different combos that will exclusively suit your skin tone. It is better to get Makeup Revolution x Petra XOXO Shadow Palette, that has a fantastic collection of 36 eyeshadow shades.

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