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How to Choose the Perfect Eyeshadow Palette

One of the most loved things by a woman is cosmetic of the main components of makeup is the eye shadow. However, not all women know how to choose the right makeup revolution eye shadow palette. We list below a few tips that you must follow to buy the perfect eye shadow palette.

Choose the type of eyeshadow you want-

You must know the texture and type of eye shadow that you want before you choose the palette. You can make your pick from matte, shimmer, and metallic, mineral or cream eyeshadow palettes. Matte is ideal for oily skin type as it stays for very long. Mineral eyeshadows are composed of purely natural mineral components, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin that is prone to allergy. Shimmer and metallic are for the party freaks who can party till the wee hours of the morning. Cream eyeshadows last for very long and is a good choice for dry skin.

Find the eyeshadows that complement the colour of your eyes-

Just like we all have different skin tones, similarly, we all have different eye colours. Eye shadows come different shades, which help you enhance your eye colour. The most common eye colours are black and brown. Colours such as burgundy make the eyes look exquisite. However, if you prefer to choose a lighter and safer shade, you must go for warm browns. If you want your eyes to exude a sexy and dramatic effect, a navy blue will do the needful. For green eyes, mustard and peach will enhance the colour of your eye. If you are a starter and know not much, opt for a nude palette.

If you have a limited budget, choose a price range and search for the best-

Sometimes we may not be able to afford all that we want. If this is bothering you, you may now relax as you can still find an eye shadow palette that is exactly for you and within your budget. All you have to do is fix a price range and then start your search. Find brands that fall within your price range, check reviews and try a few colours at the store to know if it looks good on your eye.

Do not choose quantity over quality-

You may find eye palettes that have too many shades but have no pigmentation. You must keep your likes and needs in mind before buying an eye palette. Choose an eye palette that has well-pigmented shades, and which suits your skin tone, eye colour and your personality.

Get a range of useful colours-

Do not just choose a palette, which has only one colour that you like. It is important not to buy too many, but it is also essential to keep a few varieties of useful colours. When choosing a palette, keep in mind that it has a good combination of colours and textures that blend well with one another like a dark and light shade, a neutral one and a metallic or shimmer.

We hope the above information will help you in purchasing the correct eyeshadow. And you can buy wet n wild photo focus foundation also along with eye palette for the perfect makeup base.

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