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Concealer vs. Highlighter: Know the Difference

Many of us often confuse between the concealer and highlighter. The critical difference between the concealer and highlighter is their purpose. In short, the concealer helps to cover up skin blemishes, and the highlighter brightens the face, highlighting certain areas. These two makeup products, concealer and highlighter, will help you achieve a flawless look while covering imperfections on the skin. While some of their roles are confusing, these products do have a distinct distinction.

What is concealer?

Concealer is a cosmetic product which helps to cover up skin imperfections. They can cover dark circles, spots of age, zits, large pores and other noticeable blemishes on the skin. Sometimes, concealers are also known as colour correctors. They are similar to foundations, but they are smoother and can conceal various pigments by combing the imperfection into the skin tone around them. Concealers may make the skin appear more uniform in colour, similar to foundations.

Concealers may be used either alone or with base. Some of the best concealers like la pro concealer come in colours of different shades. People prefer to choose a hue that is slightly lighter than their natural skin tone. Besides, concealers with yellow undertones can mask dark circles while concealers with purple undertones can help brighten the sallow complexions.

Here are certain things to note while using concealers,

Don't overuse - You'll probably end up attracting attention to the places you've been trying to cover when you put too much stuff on. Apply a thin layer of concealer instead, to begin with. If needed, you can add some more.

Use a triangle shape - Start with a concealer, if you want to cover dark circles under your eyes. To add, draw and blend an inverted triangle shape beneath each eye.

Cover blemishes carefully - Concealer is a miracle worker to mask defects. Use a clean concealer brush to apply the cream to any defects.

What is highlighter?

Highlighter is a cosmetic product which brightens your skin and highlights specific points of light on the face. The best highlighters, like makeup revolution highlighter, absorb light and produce depth and angle perception. They come in a range of forms such as oil, cream and powder. Do not spread it over the whole face while using a highlighter.

Here are few areas you can highlight using a highlighter:

Below the brow-bone - To give the illusion of wider eyes, add the highlighter just below your brow bone and just above the crease in your eyelid.

The nose bridge - This works well if you are working a little bit on contouring your nose. Apply highlighter to your nose bridge, then subtly blend a shade or two darker on the sides than your natural skin tone to make your nose look slimmer.

Within the eye corner - The oldest trick in the book while you're working on three hours' sleep is to add a pinch of highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes to illuminate an otherwise dark area.

Diagonal beside the cheekbone

Apply highlighter diagonally from just below the middle of your eye socket to your hairline and blend for a touch of contrast in your cheekbones.

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