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The Essential Face Products That Your Makeup Kit Must Contain

It is not easy to create a makeup kit like that of the professional makeup artists. However, that does not mean you cannot have a makeup kit that has all makeup products from scratch. It may be time-consuming to research the products that suit your skin, but you can definitely make a makeup artist envious of possessing the perfect makeup kit by following our below mentioned tips. For a start, we give you a guide on all the face products that your makeup kit must contain. Do not forget that the professional makeup artists approve these products!

Face Primer - A primer not only smoothens your skin texture but also ensures that the makeup last for a long time. Primers can be matte, hydrating or brightening. The type of primer you choose depends on your skin type and issues related to the skin.

Colour-Correcting Concealer - The main role of a concealer is to hide spots on the face such as pigmentation marks, dark spots, redness, under-eye circles etc. these come in cream as well as liquid form. The shade you chose depends on the skin tone. When you buy a palette, you have several shades to choose from, but if you want a concealer for on specific concern, you may buy that particular Concealer.

Foundation - Again, the foundation that you choose depends on your skin tone, type and problem areas. Foundations can come in the form of liquids and powders that are available in different formulae.

Face Concealer - Sometimes even the best of foundations is unable to conceal the very rigid blemishes or dark spots. For such a situation, get a concealer that matches with your foundation.

Under-Eye Concealer - Under-eye concealers are used to conceal puffiness, bags and dark circles under the eyes. Choose a la girl pro concealer shades that are at least two shades lighter than your skin tone so that your eye area gets brightened up. Some extra brightening concealers are formulated with illuminating particles.

Blush - Your makeup kit must have a blush to add a dash of colour on the apple of your cheeks or the entire cheek.

Highlighter - The role of a highlighter is to give a sparkling glow and to enhance the bone structure of the face. Concentrate on the important features of your face such as the top of cheekbones, nose-bridge and along with the bones of the eyebrow.

Contour - Contouring defines and sculpts your face. You need to use a contour sparingly as a little of it can give you the desired results. Use a thick stick or pencil, and start from the inside of your face outward, slowly moving towards the jawline and forehead.

Setting Spray or Loose Powder - Once you have finished applying makeup don’t forget to dab the face with setting powder or spray to keep the makeup intact and flawless.

We hope the above guide will help you make your first makeup kit in the most professional way just like revolution makeup kit, much to the envy of the pro makeup artists!

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