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Know All the Types of Foundations Available Before You Buy One

It can be a real challenge to pick a foundation that suits the needs of your skin - it comes in countless shades and formulations. It's also the most challenging makeup product to use because it can either give you the dreamy, perfect skin or if you get it wrong, it can have the exact opposite effect.

If you're dying to have that seemingly natural perfection, your present goal should be to find the right base. But with so many choices given, it can get challenging to choose the right one. Before you choose the right shade, it is essential to see which formulation suits your skin. Some of the different kinds of foundations are,

Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundations come in formulations based on oil as well as water, which appeal to all types of skin. However, historically, liquid foundations have always been the base of choice for those with dry skin. It is the ideal option for makeup beginners because it is easy to apply. Liquid foundations like wet and wild foundation are very flexible in terms of coverage and are available in many shades.

Powder Foundation

Powder foundations are a nice compliment to your makeup bag if you have oily skin. It soaks up the excess oil secreted by your skin because powder foundations are talc-based. However, you will find your powder foundation turning clumpy after a bit if you have oily skin. Dry skin types should not use this form of the foundation because the powder does not fill in the lines and wrinkles that are more noticeable on dry skin.

Cream Foundation

If you are a dry skin sort and have an all-day event coming up, then your best bet will be a cream base. Without creasing or caking, an HD cream base lasts up to 10 hours, keeping your skin hydrated the entire time. A cream foundation's coverage is medium, which means it can mask light blemishes and very fine lines.

Mousse Foundation

Due to their lightness, mousse foundations are gaining popularity. It comes in variants for medium to full coverage. The fact that mousse foundations do not settle into the ridges and highlight lines and wrinkles are what makes it a better choice over a cream base.

Serum foundation

For women with oily skin, serum foundation is ideal for one of the less familiar foundation styles to reach the market. Serums include a tinted moisturiser's lightness and a foundation's coverage. The formula based on silicone makes it watery and thin, making it easy for it to spread. Serum foundations, however, are soon set, which is why you have to apply them quickly. A flat foundation brush may be used to spread all at once and uniformly over large areas.

Stick Foundation

Essentially, stick foundations are a subset of cream-based foundations pressed into a stick shape. Typically, they are of a matte finish. Professionals consider using either a brush or a sponge as they can be applied straight from the stick. Not many brands provide a foundation in the form of stick. Makeup revolution foundation in the form of the stick comes in many shades.

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