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10 Makeup Essentials in Your Makeup Pouch


Before you go in for some makeup, it is essential to apply moisturizer. It is the ideal foundation for your makeup. It hydrates the skin deeply, and it also maintains the barrier to moisture. Even if you have oily skin, you shouldn't miss moisturizing, as it helps regulate oil production.


When you want to keep your makeup put through the day, the primer works like magic. Not only does it build a smooth and seamless base, but it also makes it much easier to add the foundation. So, if you're struggling with worries like big pores or redness, your primer will take care of it all, giving you velvety smooth skin and minimizing pores appearance.


Your base is the secret to having perfect looking skin when it comes to your makeup routine; it's also the toughest thing to get right. If you're new to wearing a base, it's either essential to check it on your face or jawline before you buy.


If blush is applied correctly, it will raise your face instantly and give you the beautiful, youthful glow. Choosing a colour that will match your skin tone is best.

Eye shadow

If it comes to the makeup for eyes, the eye shadow palette is a must-have. Whether it is a nude shade palette or a wet and wild glitter eye shadow palette; it can never go out of style. But the tricky part is to learn to apply it correctly.


Concealer is one of the essential things in your stash with the makeup. That dark circles under your eyes, blemishes or redness, your concealer acts like a charm. When you want to make it quick and feel like not wearing makeup a few days, you can use your concealer and end up looking perfect.


Eyeliner is part and parcel of every makeup look. This may be an intricate cat-eye or just a natural look that requires a wee bit of eyeliner. When you are not very experienced in applying it, starting with a pencil eyeliner is best before moving on to a liquid one.


Mascara will transform your eyes with its magic wand and instantly spice up the lashes with more strength, shape and intensity. It's the one makeup tool that can make you look bright-eyed in the morning immediately. While choosing mascara, you need to consider factors such as the shape of the brush and what the formula is supposed to do.


If you need a fast touch up, pressed powder or a compact comes to rescue. You can carry it with you wherever you go, and it can be used quickly and effectively, which also helps to seal your makeup.


Last but not the least decent shade of the lipstick not only can help to brighten the face but also keep it from appearing washed out. And the options are limitless when it comes to lip colour like wet n wild liquid lipstick, the matte ones, etc.

You don't need to have all the products to ace your perfect look. You just need to play with a bunch of essential products that might suit the occasion with different looks.

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